Jake Goulding

Rust on an Arduino Uno, Part 6

We can’t yet compile the stock version of libcore, so in the meantime we have our own version with the essentials. Because we’ve directly added this code to our project, each recompile takes a while. It’d be really nice if we could use Cargo like a Real Rust Project would, allowing us to compile our modified libcore once and reuse it.

Rust on an Arduino Uno, Part 2

After my previous attempt, I started to think that the issues were caused by an inability to completely link the program. If that were the case, could we try to link in a different way?

Through a bit of trial and error, I was able to generate an object file:

rustc --target avr-atmel-none hello.rs --emit obj

Running dnsmasq on OS X and routing to virtual machines

At work, I needed to run a Docker container with a Rails application that talked to another application running inside a VMWare virtual machine. Adding to the complexity, I use boot2docker, which runs inside of VirtualBox.

If I only needed to access rails.localdomain.dev or api.localdomain.dev from my Mac, I could have simply edited /etc/hosts and set both domains to resolve to and been done with it. Unfortunately, Rails needed to be able to directly resolve the API server.